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What Ages Can Race

Karting is for virtually everyone.

At Iron Rock, karters can start as young as five years old in the Kid Kart class. This is run as a demonstration-only class, but it teaches young drivers the skills they need to compete in trophy and purse races in later years.

Most organized forms of kart racing, local and national, begin serious racing at age eight. Typically, a class is formatted for eight to 12 year olds, with the next common grouping being racers aged 12 through 15. Drivers are usually categorized as senior class once they reach 15 or 16 years.

Iron Rock offers several over-35 classes, and it's not uncommon to find kart racers in their 60s.

Typical Kart Classes

Kart Class




Top Speed


Kid Karts 5-8 50cc 2.5hp Centrifugal 25mph 1 10/89
Junior 1 8-11 100cc 8-9hp Centrifugal 50mph 1 10/82
Yamaha Jr. 12-15 100cc 10-11hp Centrifugal 65mph 1 10/80
Yamaha Sr. 15+ 100cc 18hp Centrifugal 70mph 1 10/80
TAG Novice 8-12 60cc 15hp Centrifugal 60mph 1 10/79-84
TAG Jr. 12-15 125cc 22-23hp Centrifugal 85mph 1 10/79-84
TAG Sr. 15+ 125cc 28hp Centrifugal 85mph 3 10/80
TAG Masters 35+ 125cc 28hp Centrifugal 80mph 3 10/79-84
Mini - Max 8-11 60cc 15hp Centrifugal 60mph  1 13/88
Rotax Jr. 13-15 125cc 22hp Centrifugal 80mph 1 13/88
Rotax Intn'l. 16+ 125cc 28hp Centrifugal 80mph 3 13/85
Rotax Master 16+ 125cc 28hp Centrifugal 75mph 3 13/85
80cc Jr. 12-15 80cc 28-33hp 6-speed shifter 85mph 3 16/25
80cc Sr. 15+ 80cc 31-33hp 6-speed shifter 85mph 3 16/25
Stock 125 15+ 125cc 33hp 6-speed shifter 100mph 3 15/27
125cc Senior 15+ 125cc 42-47hp 6-speed shifter 100mph 3 15/27
125cc Master 35+ 125cc 42-47hp 6-speed shifter 100mph 3 15/27
Rock Karts* 13+ 270cc 9hp Centrifugal 65mph 1 14/24
*Rock Karts are not competition-standard karts and are raced competitively only at Iron Rock.