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About Karting

Karting originated during the 1950s in California.  Since then, it has come a long way!  You've probably driver a bumper kart before, but professional karting is a lot more intense.  Think about it as a go kart on steroids! 

The sport of karting offers the thrill of racing at a fraction of usual motorsports costs and has experienced dramatic growth during the last 10 years.   There is a racing class for every age and gender and each has an excellent safety record.  Karting is a great sport for the whole family! 

Some drivers choose karting as a way to enter the world of auto racing, as an amateur or professional. This open-wheel motorsport has been a starting ground for many professional drivers - including Mario Andretti, Danica Patrick, Michael Schumacher, Scott Speed, Jeff Gordon, and Richard Petty to name a few.  While only a small percentage of karters become professional racers, many drivers from all levels of motorsports race karts to keep their skills honed or simply because they love it.

Whatever the reason, those who choose karting are in for a fast, fun experience!