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Arrive & Drive

WE'RE MOVING!  Iron Rock Raceway is temporarily closed.  While no more information is available at the moment, please stay tuned to the website for more details.  

Arrive-and-Drive Karts

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Rent a Rock Kart: Powerful 9 hp Rock karts diagonalrksmall.jpgare available to rent for persons 13 years AND 5 feet tall - NO Racing Experience Necessary!  All minors must bring proof of age - NO EXCEPTIONS. Minors also need to have their Parent or Legal Guardian present.  If a minor is coming without their parent or legal guardian, then the parent must complete a Parental Consent Form to Iron Rock Raceway. 

These Rock Karts zip around the track with speeds capable up to 50 mph. No seat belts, no rollover bars and one inch off the ground - you'll feel like you're flying!

Rock Kart Rental Rates 
First Race: $20 + $6 Daily Liability  Second Race: $20  Third Race: $10

Each Race is 10 minutes long.  


Iron Rock supplies drivers all racing gear, EXCEPT SHOES. A covered shoe is required to rent karts (i.e. tennis shoe). We know it's Texas and all, but sandals are not allowed.  A quick drivers meeting will brief drivers on the track, karts, and flags before racing.  Persons renting karts at Iron Rock are not required to pay Iron Rock membership fees.  

"It's the most excitement you can have without going Code 3!"
- Pat Sconci, Former Austin Fire Firefighter

Cadet karts, Rotax/TaG and Shifter karts are also available, but these karts require persons to pass a Race Training School.

Persons interested in renting the track exclusively should see the Corporate Events page for additional information.