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ABIA/IRR Regulations

When at Iron Rock, you are on the property of an International Airport. There are rules and regulations by which you must abide.

Please read carefully to avoid violations, fines and dismissal.

  1. No open fires, BBQ pits, grills or outdoor cooking of any kind.
  2. Iron Rock Raceway is surrounded on 3 sides by Airport Operating Area (AOA) fences. You and your equipment must remain a minimum of 20 feet from those fences at all times. Iron Rock is under constant visual surveillance by the Airports Security Staff and any observed encroachment onto the AOA fences will result in your receiving the immediate attention of Airport Security Officers.
  3. No pets allowed on Iron Rock or Airport Property.
  4. No baseball, football, Frisbee, soccer ball or any kind of thrown object can be allowed on the Iron Rock and Airport property. We cannot have a thrown object going over the AOA fences and onto the runways or taxiways.
  5. No two (2) or three (3) wheel vehicles of any kind, powered or otherwise, are allowed anywhere on Iron Rock or Airport Property. This includes scooters, 3 wheeled ATV's, pocket bikes, Razors, etc. Golf carts or 4-wheeled ATVs are allowed but are to be used only for basic transportation. Anyone using a golf cart or 4-wheeled ATV for anything other than basic transportation will be asked to leave the property.
  6. Used tires must be taken from the property. Iron Rock has no way to dispose of your used tires. Any pit space leaving used tires at the end of the race weekend will be accessed a $250 fine.
  7. You are responsible for keeping all trash and debris picked up in the pit areas. The Airport Authority has very strict rules and concerns about trash and loose debris blowing onto active runways and taxiways. Jet engines do not like to ingest trash. Pit Marshals will be patrolling all pit areas. If you have trash that needs to be removed from your area, please advise a Pit Marshall and we will arrange to have that taken care of.
  8. If you have any kind of spill, especially fuel, in your pit area, please advise a Pit Marshall and allow us to aid in the cleanup with the spill kits available.
  9. All tents and canopies must be securely anchored or attached to an immovable object. The Airport Authority rules state that any temporary shelters must be capable of withstanding a 60-mph wind. Pit Marshals will be patrolling the pit areas. If any tent or canopy appears to present a risk you will be asked to remove it. Remember please that we are next to an active runway and that an EZ-UP sucked into the engine of a B737 will endanger lives, cost you a lot of money and likely be cause for the termination of Iron Rock's lease with the Airport Authority.
  10. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed in the pit areas until all racing for the day has been concluded.
  11. Should the Track Manager judge that a racer has been consuming alcohol or other substances prior to an event, the racer in question may be prevented from entering the track.
  12. Motor homes are allowed on the property. However, all must be totally self-contained. There are no provisions for power, water or waste disposal.
  13. There will be a City of Austin and Airport Authority mandated curfew that begins at 11:00 PM each night and that lasts until 5:00 AM. Activity in the pit areas must cease between those times.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.